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Boerne Water Softening Solutions 

Boerne, TX. Local Water Softening & Purification Experts 

(830) 331-8485

Boerne Water Softening Solutions is a Proud Member of the Boerne Chamber of Commerce

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Water Softeners - Boerne TX

Our Water Softeners will cure your hard water!

Hard water is one of the most common water problems in Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch & Leon Springs TX, and the issue behind many persistent water problems, such as staining, poor soap lathering, soap scum, corroded pipes and appliances, mineral or scale buildup on your fixtures, and poor tasting and smelling water.

Water conditioning, or water softener systems work by removing certain "hard" minerals found in your water, such as calcium, magnesium and iron, and replacing these hard water mineral ions with "soft" ions such as sodium.

However, not all water softener systems are the same. Boerne Water Solutions installs Charger water softening equipment, which is manufactured according to our own remarkable standards. We will inspect your home or business and recommend the type and size of water softener that is best for your need.

Properly conditioned water tastes better, is healthier for you, and saves you from spending money on unnecessary repairs or replacement of corroded fixtures, faucets, piping and appliances.

Water Softener Installation

After we perform your Free Water Test and Analysis, we can then determine which water softener system you will need and where to install it. Typically, in Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch & Leon Springs, water softeners are installed in the garage or utility room and sometimes in the water well pump house.

Most newer homes today are pre-plumbed so that the water softener will treat all the water inside the home and leave hard water to the outside faucets.

If you have iron or odors in your water, we may need to install a whole house water filter, activated carbon filter and/or an iron filter in conjunction with the water softener system. You also have the option to install a reverse osmosis (R.O.) drinking water system. This water filtration system will give you bottle quality water at your kitchen sink and also your icemaker / refrigerator.

Our licensed technicians will take the time necessary to assure you of a proper water softener installation. This includes following all local plumbing codes and hauling off any leftover packaging

material. The water conditioning technicians will explain the equipment and re-test the water to make sure the equipment is working correctly.

Gratefully Serving The Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch & Leon Springs TX Area